Oct 19, 2007

Even the dog has allergies!!

Well, Cain apparently has come down with a case of the hives. Oh, joy. I don't mean a few hives either. He looks like a large, lumpy, moving thing that maybe, kinda, sorta, resembles a dog. I don't know why he got them, which is completely baffling me. He may or may not have gotten a graham cracker today--that's the absolute only thing I can think of that's out of the ordinary for him. However, I really can't see a graham cracker causing all these hives! The kind "child" who works at Purdue's Animal Hospital said that she thinks its probably an outside allergen like a yard treatment or something of that nature since it's worse on his legs and head. Her recommendation is to (yes, get this) give him Benadryl. Well, it cost me alot of money to hear that! Her secondary recommendation is to bring him back, and again pay the "emergency animal hospital fee," if he gets any worse. Yes, I think I'll do that--when pigs fly AND lay golden eggs. Until then, I am not going back to that place! Too damn expensive to hear "give him a Benadryl pill." She could have atleast sugar-coated it by saying he had some rare disease that only benadryl could cure!! I might not have minded as much while writing the check then.

I also gave my poor boy an oatmeal bath. Nothing but the best for him either--Aveeno. Which, is not exactly cheap stuff to buy! He's pretty lucky that's all that was in the house. I knew I should have bought doggie oatmeal bath last time I was at the store!

He's sleeping now. I hope he's enjoying his $200, mind bending, trip on benadryl.

Emergency Animal Clinic Fee: $179
Aveeno Oatmeal Bath: $8
Benadryl Tablets: $10

I still have yet to figure out what the hell is "priceless" in this whole equation. I can't even say that a happy dog is priceless because even with the hives he was still happy and bouncing around like a retard. So....when I find out what's priceless, I'll let ya know. Oh, yeah, and I'll keep you updated on his, uh, condition.


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