Oct 22, 2007

The Sunday-Monday Slur

Oh yes, this incomnia has been playing hell on me all weekend. I haven't slept at night in 2 days! Thank goodness Paul was off this weekend because he has been up with Haley during the day while I slept. However, tomorrow its back to school for Haley and Mommy really needs to be on a daytime schedule. So, this current....thing....I have going, it's just not going to work. So, here we have what's known as the Sunday-Monday slur. I woke up on Sunday at some point after noon. I will now stay up, get Paul off to work, Haley off to school....stay up all day and then go to bed at a normal time. I am sure I will be thoroughly exhausted by then and sleep will be no problem. I can't wait....a good night's sleep seems like a dream right now!!

On an up note though, Cain is feeling and looking better. Well, technically, he's just less lumpy than he was a few days ago. Thank goodness. However, he's still miserable. He's itched himself so bad over the last couple days and now he has several area's that have pretty good scabs going. I hope that we can get through this soon because his itching is driving me nuts!!! That's all I seem to hear all day long!


Miss Organization said...

Oh wow...doggie allergies - -blech!

And I have had times when I can't sleep too. It is just horrible! I hope that you can stay awake today and then be able to sleep well tonight.

Bless Paul for being such a good daddy!!

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