Oct 18, 2007

The Infertility Diaries

Well, this one won't be long, but just wanted to give a little background info on this subject to anyone who may accidentally run across this blog.

Paul and I are classified as an infertile couple--unexplained infertility even. What exactly do we pay doctors for? We started trying to get pregnant way back in January of 2005. We tried and tried for a long time, to no avail. Finally, we went to see a doctor. We had the typical fertility work-up--sperm analysis, blood work, all that good stuff. I had a nice date with the dildo cam. Let me say "Oh, joy!" Didn't even buy me dinner. I also had a laproscopy, D&C, tubal fulgaration, hysterosalpingogram, and untold numbers of doctors looking at my nether regions. Everything came back basically normal. Paul's sperm analysis was a little on the low side in motility, but nothing that would hinder conception. Except for the fact that my ovaries suck ass. They just up and decided that they don't want to work. Fine. Be that way.

Since then, we haven't been back to see any more doctors. Our insurance changed dramatically with our move and Paul's new career. The new insurance, like my ovaries, sucks ass.

There you have it. The awful truth. Infertility is a bitch.


Miss Organization said...

I just keep praying that you and Paul will be blessed with a miracle baby sometime. I am not giving up hope for you two yet!


Mindy said...

Thanks Tracie! Stranger things have happened!! :D

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