Oct 17, 2007


I've finally come along to getting a blog of my own. Everyone else in the free world has one, why shouldn't I? I've decided to let this be a place where I can vent, explain, and do whatever and say whatever I like. There will be some cussing and cursing, I'm positive of that, so beware your virgin ears.

My name is Mindy. I am, first and foremost, a mother. Haley is 5 years old. She is in kindergarten. She loves school and loves her teachers. Secondly, I am a wife. My husband, Paul, is a gem. We fight about a good many things, and we agree on a good many things. I think it's the constant tug-o-war that keeps us coming back for more. Our married life has been rocky to say the least. A few big blow outs and some loving tender moments too. We struggle with infertility. Although I have a child of my own, it still doesn't make infertility hurt any less, and in Paul's case, he doesn't have a child of his own at all! We are currently sitting on the side lines of the "baby making game" and not actively trying, but also not preventing. We do hope that it will happen for us someday, but the odds are pretty slim at this point. I am hoping to go back to school next August. My first choice of school is Purdue. I hope that everything works out as well as I am imagining it will.

That's us in a nutshell. Can't hope for too much more in a first post anyways--can you?


We're Pregnant