Dec 31, 2007

Clomid Confessions

Cycle day one has come. The evil that is known so fondly as Aunt Flow is chomping at the bit and ready to go. She brought along her usual baggage of cramps and back ache. How dare she bring so much shit with her?!?

Anyways, now that she has arrived, I will soon be starting clomid. Yay, or umm, not so yay. Because clomid is the worst medication on the face of the earth. It was put here to drive infertiles mad with rage. Ever wonder why a childless woman kills her husband? Clomid. It was all the clomid. I promise you that it was a clomid induced rage. I know that in approximately 4 days I will want to rip Paul's face off and pour salt on the wounds, just for my own amusement. Hell, I haven't even started the clomid and I'm entertaining the thought. No, not really, but it would be funny if I really was thinking about doing that! Laugh. Go ahead, it's okay to laugh.

So, I'm curious as to what sick, demented, and wondrous ideas I will come up with once I actually start this higher dose of clomid? It remains to be seen kids, but I assure you, they will be fun!! Painfully fun. Muahahaha. For Paul that is, and maybe if I'm in a deliciously clomid induced psychotic mood, the dog and the kid will be included.

I should write a "Clomid Confessions" book. I think it would be a top seller. Kinda like chicken soup for the soul, only much darker. Women can confess the most morbid thoughts that they entertained while on the drug and we'll put the best, and most disgusting ones in the book! I mean, every woman who is wanting to go on clomid surely would buy a copy and with infertility rates rising daily, or rather women who think they are infertile at age 22 and trying for a total of 4 months. I'll be a millionaire in a month!! Now, to find a publisher....


Clomid Prescription Information said...

My name is Holly Lem and i would like to show you my personal experience with Clomid.

I am 28 years old. I got preg first time on my own & miscarried. after a while of trying, my dr put me on clomid. after the first round i got pregnant & miscarried. i decided not to try or think about it at all probably for a 9 months... right around the time baby would be due & then started trying again. after a few months got back on clomid. after 5 months and no pregnancy i'm giving it a rest again. it's to much disappointment. i'm going to give it a try again soon, in the mean time we're keeping our fingers crossed for the old fashioned way to work.

I have experienced some of these side effects-
HOT FLASHES, moody, cry easily, weight gain, headaches etc!!

I hope this information will be useful to others,
Holly Lem

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