Dec 28, 2007

It's Twins!

Not my twins, but Lisa's. I mean what better gift after having been infertile for two years then to get two for the price of one? I'm excited for her. Even moreso, I'm scared for her. A multiple's pregnancy can be complicated and long and scary, filled with ups and downs. I think that her and her babies will be just fine with good medical staff. At 6 weeks she has a long way to go, but everything looks great right now. Little Baby A and little Baby B are strong and as healthy as they can be at this point, with nice strong heartbeats of 106 and 103 respectably. Those may sound low to some of you, but in the early days of a beating heart, those are actually normal healthy heartbeats. I am praying for her that everything goes well, and uncomplicated as it can be. I'm hoping she can carry to term and deliver vaginally and have two very healthy bouncing babies because, what better outcome can you hope for than that? She and her husband are both still in shock at this point, but it will sink in soon enough. When she's 12 weeks pregnant and looks 6 or 7 months pregnant, then it will all seem real. After she sees her little ones growing every month via ultrasound, then it will finally sink in for her and her husband. I actually think I detected a little note of excitement in her husband's voice on the phone. He seemed like "wow!" I hope he's still wowing in 8 months when they have two newborns at home wanting to be fed and changed. ;)

Love ya Lisa. Take care of yourself. You're eating for 3.....


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