Dec 6, 2007

The Road to Reading

Haley, Paul, and I have officially finished reading aloud the first installment of the Harry Potter series. I, of course, have already read them, but they are new to both Paul and Haley. What made the decision to read her the books was her desire to see the movies. Even I, do not see a movie based on a book without first having read the book. Even if that means missing the movie in theatres. What seems most amazing to me is Haley's mouth foaming desire now, not for the movie, but for the next book. It's great to see her so in love with a story that I too have lavished in. I have to say, I was quite proud of Paul, who had been thus far quite resistant to even the notion of reading a kid's book all by himself, but read aloud, with more enthusiasm than expected. His best moment was during the announcing of quidditch matches. He read it like a true sports announcer, with only a few pauses to stop and snicker at the dialogue. He would have made a spectacular sports announcer! He even once threatened to read ahead without her since he was enjoying the book so much, if she didn't behave herself. I, of course, was in total I told you so mode. Everyone loves the story of Harry Potter, young and old alike. I knew he'd like it too, if I could just get him to pick up the stinkin' book and give it a try! Now, we have to go rent the movie for Haley as her reward for finishing the book. Paul and I have both already seen the movie, but for her it will be a new adventure. Hopefully, an advanture that will make her want to read more often. I hope that I can instill my love of books in her. I would love someday to discuss some of the great novels with her.

I, meanwhile, have read The Hobbit, The Lord of the Rings, and The Two Towers over the last few weeks. I had always been very resistant to reading them as I once remember a girl in one of my high school classes telling me that it was a difficult read with alot of old language in it. Then, the movies came out, and "What the Hell!" everyone that I knew had atleast read The Hobbit. Well, I finally broke down and decided it was time to read them all. Keeping true to my word, I have not seen the movies. I have one book left in the series, and after that, I told Paul that I would very much like to just sit for a whole weekend and enjoy the movies. Preferrably, a weekend when Haley won't be running about distracting me. I have really enjoyed them up to this point, and can see already that they are a book series that I wouldn't mind reading again. I have a feeling that they are the types of books that you miss alot of details the first go through, and would pick up alot of minor details that pertain to future events in the books with a second read. I don't really have any prospects for future reads just yet. I suppose that I should come up with a few ideas as I am planning a trip to the library tomorrow to pick up Haley's new book. Any suggestions from anyone? I particularly like books of a series if anyone has any suggestions...


Miss Organization said...

That is awesome!! What a great time to spend your family time together! We do a lot of reading here and I will admit, never read Harry Potter and really no desire to.

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