Feb 1, 2008

Super Sledder and Broke Back Momma

Well, when school was cancelled today due to the snow, I thought it would make a great sledding day. I love sledding! What I failed to remember is that I haven't been sledding since I hurt my back a couple years ago and also that I'm now pregnant. Duhr!! Get with the program, Mindy!

I am in so much pain that I can't even explain it. To top things off, I can't take any good pain killers and I don't even have any Tylenol in the house. All I have in the cupboard is Motrin and that's off limits. Dang it. Paul should be home in about 20 minutes though so I'm hoping he'll run up and get me some. If he does, I think I'll kiss his talon-like toes (no matter how ill it makes me!).

The most important thing is that Haley had fun. And she did. She was having a blast! We bought her a saucer sled this year and she loves that thing when it turns her around backwards! That kid is a thrill seeker and I am totally anticipating her asking to sky dive for her 16th birthday! I even went down the hill once. Relax, it was slow, I was just trying to pack down a path so that Haley could go faster. It worked. Haley was even trying to get it packed down further on out because she wanted to keep going longer. She's such a fun kid! We had a ball. I'd like to do it again sometime when I have some tylenol ready! HAHA!


soul-quest said...

Congradulations! Hope your back feels better. What a wonderful time. I am on d6p3dt, 2ww and freaking.

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