Nov 10, 2007

Girls Night Tonight

To give a little explanation, this girls night refers to a small group of women who all got together on a popular baby website that had small, relatively unorganized forums. We decided to make our own forum going on almost 2 years ago now. We first called it Project Baby. We started out with 13 members from our original group. We are now down to roughly 10 after a few minor squabbles along the way. We became so close and so involved in each other's lives that we sometimes knew intimate details that nobody else knew. It was a special kind of friendship. It still is. However, since our beginnings, all but two of us women have become pregnant and had children. I, obviously, am one of the two who failed to get pregnant. Still, we decided that our group and our forum had morphed since it's beginning and was no longer about getting pregnant and having babies as it was a place for our friendship and we renamed our forum. There has been many times where that forum has been the only place where I trusted to tell my feelings in their entirety and not feel as if I would be mocked or ridiculed. It was a place of respite for me. Over the last year, things have really slowed down. I can understand that as the girls had their new babies that they had less time to sit online and bullshit for no good reason. We lost touch and the forum chatter slowed and almost halted. It was sad. So, we decided that we should have a girls night to really get things going again and get us all back in touch. I think it was a great idea! Hopefully, it will be a time for the mommy's to get a little break! I am very excited about it and I hope it goes as well as I have been imagining that it will. I really hope that there will be a good turn out. If there isn't, I fear that our once great forum will soon come to a screeching halt. People lose interest when there is nothing to read and nothing to comment about. It would be a truly sad day for me. I hope that this is just the change we need to get things going again. I miss my girlfriends and our pointless chatter, sometimes about nothing at all, but even so, very meaningful conversations.


shannon said...

i started crying over your blog post. i love our pointless chatter too. and it too would be hard on me not to be able to jump on here and see all the pics, and jokes, and just crazy stuff we say. i'll always be here!

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