Nov 11, 2007

My Steamy Affair

Sometime in December, my long lost lover, Clomid, will be coming back into my life. Our last torrid affair was short-lived with no momento to remember the affair by. I am hoping that this time before Clomid leaves, that I am atleast left with a momento--a positive pregnancy test.

This is how I'm imagining December's affair in my mind. Me and Clomid taking a snowy ride through Central Park on a horse drawn sleigh. Holding hands and whispering sweet nothings in each other's ears. This time, our affair will have none of the screaming and yelling mood swings of last time. Because it's winter, there won't be those hot flashes from our summer rendezvous. We will get along smashingly. I know that Clomid will only be in my life for five short days, but Clomid's presence will be felt for a full month atleast. In my grief at the end of the five days, I will then turn to my husband for consolation and love. We will have steamy, passionate sex for weeks in an attempt to heal my broken heart. A couple weeks later I'd notice that, oh, my stomach isn't feeling that great. I'm a little light headed from time to time. And where oh where has my period gone?

Here's to hoping!!!


shannon said...

i have my fingers crossed sweetie. you have went through so much. i am hoping and praying that this Christmas will be a very special one.

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