Nov 29, 2007

Haley's Speech Test

My second post for the day, ya know, because I know how much everyone loves my blog. They just can't live without a blog post for more than 10 minutes. They love it so much that I must post twice daily just to keep my readers satisfied. Yes, my two readers. LOL

Anyways, I have a BRAG about my baby girl!! It is known among my friends that Haley has a pretty bad speech problem. Well, I have been trying like all get out to get her into a speech class for the last couple years to which I have always gotten the answer of, "Just wait until she is in kindergarten because by then, it may work itself out." Well, haha, you stupid fuckers, it didn't work. I waited, she still has problems. Yes, a few of them have worked themselves out, but she still has MANY more to work on. Her teacher finally got the paperwork submitted and Haley was tested a couple weeks ago. On Monday, we had a meeting with the woman who does the testing, the speech teacher, and also Haley's kindergarten teacher. The tester lady started going over all of the test results because, get this, Haley's teacher recommended her to be tested for MORE than just speech. She wanted her tested for all kinds of other stuff too, like vocabulary, word recognition, and also another one that I forget the technical term for, but it basically meant "being able to put together a sentence for effective communication." Well, didn't this come back in her teacher's face!

Baby girl's scores were as follows:

  • Pronunciation/Speech Formation: Extreme Problem (okay, we knew that).
  • Word Recognition: Average (Great!)
  • Being able to put together a sentence: Average, but needs work on verb tenses. (Okay, I can deal with that too.)
  • Vocabulary: My daughter has the vocabulary of a sixth grader!! (Yay baby girl! You are as smart as Mommy has always been telling everyone. Nobody ever believed me!!)

I can completely understand where they thought that there might be other problems along with the speech problem. I mean, they can't understand alot of what she says so it would be probable that she would be behind in other areas as well. However, Haley teacher, Mrs. Ribordy, looked as if she was about to get run over by a Mack truck at the last tid bit of information. Frankly, it pissed me off. I told this woman at the parent-teacher conferences that Haley had a vocabulary that far exceeded her age range and I also told her that it often went unrecognized because of her speech problems. Obvisouly, this woman thought that I was talking out of my ass. Now, there is proof. Ha. I am so happy! For once, I have a big something to brag about!!! I always knew that Haley was intelligent, but her speech problems give people the impression that she is the opposite. I have been telling everyone for years that it was ONLY her speech. The one person who always, always believed that was Paul's mom, Beth. I think that even my own mother has doubted that was the only problem. Well, again. HAHA. My daughter is smart. Just like her mother!

This all makes me want to act just like a little kid, stick my tongue out at everyone, go "in your face!!" Jump around like an idiot and just, in general, act like a 7 year old on the playground who was just proved right. It's disgusting in it's simplicity, and thoroughly satisfying all in the same moment. I love my daughter and I am so glad that finally there is some proof that she isn't being heavily affected by her speech problem. Despite it all, she is just as smart as any other child her age, and in some cases, she may be more intelligent. *sticks tounge out*


Shahana said...

Don't worry, She will be ok day by day with her grown.

Mindy said...

Thank you Shahana

shannon said...

i'm glad you got to do the "7 year old dance"! sometimes its nice to be able to do that. i'm glad haley's speech tests went good. i'm sure that things will work out. and we knew that miss haley was smart, just like her mommy!!

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