Nov 16, 2007

Join The "Miffed" Housewives Club

It appears that my clomid has not yet shipped from it's destination. I talked to one of the customer service representatives who assured me that this is some big holiday week where the drugs are to ship from. This could all be true. I would like to think that maybe I got scammed except for the fact that they haven't yet actually charged me for the pills, and they have real live customer service. If customer service hadn't been so on the ball, I might be thinking differently right now. I still have confidence that they will be shipped and arrive in a timely fashion. With any hope, "timely fashion" refers to "before my next period starts DAMMIT!"

I have a feeling that I would be rather miffed if my period decides to come on time and my pills don't. "Miffed" isn't actually the word I'd use, but for your virgin ears, I'll use it here. I think I'd opt for a long string of profanity instead of "miffed." As a matter of fact, I know I'd go for the profanity. I quite enjoy my foul mouth. It scares people away and makes some more interested. Usually others with foul mouths find it wonderful to find other's of their "kind." Most of my kind live in trailer parks and a good portion are ex-cons, truckers, sailors, etc. A few are normal housewives like me, but we normal housewives with foul mouths are a rare commodity.

So, I call to all the housewives out there in the world--explore your inner bitch. Use the F word ATLEAST once in every sentence. Say shit (in public) when you drop something, hurt yourself, damn near trip and smash your face into the pavement. Go on. Do it. Feels good doesn't it? Join us. Hehehehe.

And back on topic--my clomid better get here or I'm going to hurt someone. For real.

**UPDATE: Right after writing this post, I mean RIGHT AFTER, I went to check my email and had an email from the off shore pharmacy. My pills are on the way!

Good my little follicles--you will soon have the chance to grow and get big and juicy before bursting out and being nearly trampled by the waiting millions of sperm who plan on fertilizing you. Cut them some slack, they are blind afterall. It will be a good day. Come my pretties, come out of the ovary and play!!! Muhahaha.


Miss Organization said...

Glad your pills are on thier way....I hope it works for you!!!!

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