Mar 25, 2008

The Death of Fluffy

So, Paul...erm...I mean, the Easter Bunny, picked out a tiny pink and white stuffed bunny for Haley's Easter basket. Haley has fallen in love with this bunny. She has named it Fluffy.

She did much better with the naming of this stuffed animal than she did last time she named a stuffed animal. Last time was a purple bear that she made at Build-a-Bear Workshop that she named Blue. Yes, she named a purple bear--BLUE! What was she thinkin'?

Anyways...Haley has never been a child who gets attached to things or plays much with dolls or stuffed animals. Until Fluffy. The bunny who rocked our existence.

The minute she got this thing she went to her room and got down all of her doll stuff and all the little diapers that I had gotten over the years as samples or whatever. She wrapped this tiny bunny, up to it's neck, in a diaper. Then she attempted to dress it in clothes made for a small doll, but not for a small bunny. It was quite comical. Later in the day, she then decided that Fluffy needed to go for a whirl in the new baby swing that we've bought. But, oh, then she wanted to get out the high chair and the pack and play. I had to draw a line with that since we just don't have the space at the moment to have all that stuff out and opened. So, she had me rock Fluffy to sleep several times, while singing lullaby's (off key, even!). She actually pretended to breastfeed the stupid bunny. That made me chuckle out loud. Then, when it was bedtime Fluffy needed it's bedtime kisses and to be tucked in with her. It was cute. She's never done anything like that before.

Then, came Monday. The day that Fluffy was to die. Or so says the drama queen formerly known as Haley. She wanted to take Fluffy to school. I said no. She's had problems with a 5th grade boy on the bus stealing her stuff and bullying her. She's also had a problem with losing things that she takes to school. So, I assured her that Fluffy would be much safer at home. She put the bunny in her bedroom and came out with one of those "I'm so pitiful" looks on her face, and the lower lip all puckered out. Then came the tears. Giant, crocodile tears. The sobbing. The wailing.

The next thing I know, I'm picking up her school bag to put some stuff in there that was due back the week before. Oops. And what do I see in her bag? You guessed it--Fluffy. I hate when Haley tries to be sneaky. She rarely gets away with it, but she would have this time if I hadn't had stuff that needed to go back. The little sneak!! Well, I made her return Fluffy to her bedroom. Again, assuring her that Fluffy would be safe at home with me. She insisted that I agree to feed it milk, rock it to sleep, and put it in the swing if it got bored. I, dutifully, agreed, as any mother trying to shut up a six-year-old, would.

Then, as we were walking out the door to catch the school bus. She says to me "Mom, don't let Fluffy die." I said that I wouldn't, but she wouldn't let it go. By the time we got to the bus stop she was again wailing and this time she says "Fluffy is going to diiiiiieeeee while I'm at school. I just know it!!"

She has so much faith in my mothering abilities, huh? I managed to mother her and even keep her alive for the last six years, but apparently, mothering a bunny is a whole new playing field that I am not equipped to handle.


Cyberrblue (Colleen) said...

That is so funny, I've got tears running down my face! So, did Fluffy survive the day intact???

Mindy said...

Yes, fluffy survived, and wouldn't you know that today is show and tell day so she got to take the stupid bunny to school today!! LOL Shit always works that way for me!! HAHA.

shannon said...

that is too cute. i'm glad to know that fluffy survived. now your parenting skills include mothering a stuffed bunny!

Brandy said...

omg Mindy that is hilarious!
Noooo Fluffy dont die! kids are so funny

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