Mar 20, 2008

Where Do Babies Come From?

This is Haley's story. It has been, in no way, altered by Paul or I. We have chosen to just let her believe this for now because, well, she's not ready for the birds and the bees. That, and she thinks that "penis" is possibly the funniest word in the human language.

"Mom, getting a baby in you isn't hard. It's pretty easy most of the time. You just go to the baby store, you know Babies 'R Us and pick a baby that you like. I don't think they let you pick if it's a boy baby or a girl baby, but maybe they can't tell which it is because it's so small. Anyways, so you just take the baby to the doctor and they put it in your belly button and then the baby grows in your belly until it's big enough to come out."

Now, this is where it got a little hazy. She didn't know how, exactly, the baby got out. Just that a doctor got it out.

I think this story came into existence while we were seeing the RE. She knew that we were trying to "get a baby in mom's belly" and she knew that it wasn't working for whatever reason. So we told her that the RE was a special doctor who worked with hard cases where the baby just wasn't growing in there.

Since I've become pregnant we have explained a little more to her. She seems to understand quite well. We had to explain about miscarriage because she found out about our pregnancy so early on. She told her teacher all about it, her teacher called me, and asked what we had told her. LOL That was a conversation for the ages! Apparently, she had told her teacher that "my mom has a baby growing in her belly. It's going to be my brother or sister, but we don't know yet because it's too little to see. Sometimes, though, babies don't grow right and they have to go to heaven before they can be born. So, we just have to wait to see if it's growing right." Her teacher assumed that we had experienced a miscarriage, but that Haley was confused by it. No, I told her that we had been trying to have a baby for a very long time and that she found out much earlier than we would have liked that we were pregnant. So, being the proactive parents that we are, we couldn't let her assume that everything always worked out perfectly. We wanted her to know the truth of the early weeks of pregnancy.

Then, we had to explain, exactly, how babies get out of the mom's belly. So, I began this conversation by having Haley watch a couple episodes of A Baby Story on TLC. Wouldn't you know that those two episodes were the bloodiest births, and the loudest screaming birthing mother's I have ever seen! So, then not only was I explaining how babies get out of the belly, then I was explaining why it hurt. Of course, she took it all in stride, and understands that it hurts to have a baby and that's normal and healthy. She's even making plans about how she's going to help me when I'm in labor. LOL She wants to be there, but I'm thinking that she might be a little young for that just yet. Alot young. Maybe when she's 30.

Then came the comment of all comments.

"I think I'll just buy a grown up baby when I want to go to the baby store when I get married."

So, then came the conversation about how Uncle Kenny and Uncle David are adopted and where they came from. How do you explain to a 6 year old that these 2 men who are her favorite people in the world are technically biological brothers to each other, but are adopted into our family? Not only that, how do you explain that they were both born addicted to crack, along with their other 6 or 7 brothers and sisters, the state took away her parental rights, and they were put up for adoption? A hard subject to approach with her. So, we settled for "the mommy who grew them in her belly was very sick, so Bam and Papa adopted them, and they became Daddy's brothers, just like Uncle Pete."

An interesting day indeed....


shannon said...

lol, too funny. paige thinks that because mommy and daddy love each other so much and we wanted paige to have a baby sister so badly that God put baby kimber in my belly. now as for the how do they get out???? paige will go into great detail about how the baby is cut out with a sharp knife and how they tear everything out of me and take out the baby then shove everything back in. she made women at the obs office very nervous about having a c-section!!!! i love my daughter!

Cyberrblue (Colleen) said...

That is so cute!

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