Mar 5, 2008

This is really happening!!!

We had our first prenatal appointment yesterday as well as our first ultrasound to verify fetal heart beat as well as measurements to date the pregnancy. As of yesterday, the baby measures 9 weeks and 4 days. He or she was moving around alot during the ultrasound. It looked like the baby was punching at the ultrasound wand. It was really cute. I can't believe that this is finally happening. I was so scared to go to my appointment, but I'm so glad that I did.

The hospital just called to set up my NT scan to check for down syndrome. So, I'll be going for my scan in 2 weeks. Yay! That means I'll get another peek at this little bean very soon!! I can't wait to see how much he or she will have grown by that time. Then, around 18 weeks we'll have our BIG ultrasound to determine sex! It's all coming so fast now! Seems like I just found out that I was pregnant yesterday!


We're Pregnant