Jan 7, 2008

Cycle Day 9: Mission Ovulation

Okay so now I'm done with the clomid and feeling much better. I can feel my ovaries fairly well at this point, but that was to be expected since it was the same way on 50mg. However, today, the evening headache set in. I'm hoping that the headaches won't be as bad as last time on clomid, but I'm prepared. They will only last a couple of days, so I can handle that. It makes it alot easier this time around with Haley at school. Atleast when she's gone, I can catch a nap if I need to. I figure that I'll ovulate by cycle day 15. On 50mg I ovulated by my cycle day 15 ultra sound and assume that I ovulated on day 14 or very early morning hours of day 15. Either way, that egg was gone by the time the doc took a look. I'm hoping for similar results this time around. I'll start the ovulation strips tomorrow. I can't even begin to fathom ovulating earlier than day 14. Hell, I couldn't believe ovulating on day 14 or 15 before! It makes the cycle so short that it feels like it was barely there at all!! It cuts off about a week or so from what I am normally used to and lately I've begun getting accustomed to even longer cycles. The last cycle I had that lasted 40+ days, I didn't even test!! I just waited. LOL I didn't feel pregnant so I figured that there was no way. I was right, of course, so it was better that I waited. I hope that I can be as patient now that I am on something. It's so easy to over analyze and just get crazy wanting to test all the time and stuff. I don't want to go there because it just makes it so much harder when AF shows up!!


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