Jan 13, 2008

Ovulation---I think?!?

It seems that I have finally ovulated. Fertility Friend says 3 days ago, but I think it was just yesterday. I haven't done the override on my chart yet. I'm hoping that after a few more temps it will straighten itself out without my help. We definitely covered ourselves on the BD without a doubt! I felt like crap the last 3 days with bouts of nausea (maybe from being close to O?) and today I feel much better. Most of the awful cramps are gone and I don't feel as bloated as I have for the past week. I have high hopes that this month is going to turn out with a positive result and I'm just concentrating on staying calm and relaxed in the 2ww. It's not worth freaking out during the next two weeks only to get a big fat negative! So, I'll stay as calm as possible and if it's positive that'll be a BONUS!!

Keep me in your thoughts and prayers for the next couple of weeks!!


shannon said...

girlie, i'm praying for you. you deserve this. and i hope that this is it for you!luv ya girl!

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