Jan 18, 2008

The One Week Wait

Now it seems that I'm down to one week left til test time. Woot! Woot! I am 8dpo today. I couldn't temp this morning because I woke up at 3:30am and was in the thick of a hot flash, had to pee and really really needed to take something for my cough. Without even thinking of temping, I got up and went to the bathroom and took a lil something for the cough. I can tell you that it's not working at all. I think I've got a sinus infection that's draining into my lungs. Yay. So, it feels like I've got a upper respiratory infection now too. To top it ALL off, my ear is hurting this morning too! Hopefully, I can get past this before it gets to be an ear infection. Once Haley is off to school maybe I'll try to get a nap and that way maybe I'll be able to get a temp of some kind for my chart (as unreliable as it may be).

I just feel like boiled crap though and I hope I can kick this soon!! It's going to be test time and how can I celebrate my BFP if I'm hacking up a lung and sniffling? Stupid cold.

To really make things great--it's going to be freezing here this weekend. On Saturday we are going to have a high temp of 11. Yes, 11 degrees, the HIGH. The low will be in the single digits and the wind chill will be negative! Brr. Screw all of this bad Indiana weather. I'm moving to someplace warm!


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