Jan 14, 2008

Two Week Wait

So it seems that I find myself in the two week wait, bored as can be, nothing to do, and wishing that I knew for sure when I ovulated. After today's temp, it's no clearer than it was yesterday. We'll see if I get yet another positive OPK. I had some spotting last night. Very light and mixed with CM. It was only there when I wiped. I think that must be ovulation spotting. Right? Well, I don't know how long it takes for ovulation spotting to work it's way out, but it seems a little late if I truly am 4dpo. I guess it shouldn't matter. We covered all our bases when it came to the sex part of thing. ;-) I think I'm more anxious about my ovulation date because that'll tell me when to expect aunt flo and when I can possibly test and expect a truthful response out of the pee stick. It's close already to testing time and I find I'm more apprehensive than excited. I am, (how you say?) weirded out by the fact that this could actually work. I've spent the last 3 years of life being the pissed off infertile. Really. How can you be the pissed off infertile if you get pregnant? LOL Of course, I'm joking. I want nothing more than to be pregnant, but I'm still scared of what the answer will be. If it's negative, of course, I'll be crushed. If it's positive, I'll probably be in such a state of shock that I'll cry just like it were negative. And then comes the worrying about the pregnancy and miscarriage and over analyzing ever twinge near the abdominal area thinking that it all means that something is wrong. Am I ready for that? Absolutely! :-)

So....about 10 days until testing...


Miss Organization said...

I am a praying kind of girl and I'm praying that all you are seeing/feeling are good signs and you get that lovely PLUS when you test soon!! XXX OOO

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