Jan 24, 2008

Still Doesn't Seem Real

I am really enjoying the carefree excitement of knowing I'm pregnant, even though it doesn't quite seem real to me yet. In a normal cycle, I wouldn't be due for my period for nearly another week. I am 14dpo today. No real symptoms of early pregnancy, except for extremely sore breasts and very sore nipples that feel raw and rug-burned. Ouch!! I tested again yesterday and the lines were atleast twice as dark as the day before so I'm sure that the hCg is rising appropriately. I called for my first doctor's appointment too. They typically do the first appointment at 9 weeks, but the doctor was very sweet and offered that I could come in earlier than that if I wanted. Believe it or not, I opted to just go along on a normal schedule. No beta's to worry about. No early ultrasounds to stress over. I will just be a normal pregnant woman for another month! At my first appointment on March 4th she will also do my first ultrasound. I will be far enough along to see a good heartbeat and make sure that the baby is growing on schedule. I think that will be the best way to start things off--stress free! Of course the doctor said that if I have any problems or spotting to call right away and they would get me in for an early ultrasound and such. They seem very welcoming to a new patient and I was very surprised at the doctor's offer to see me early if I wanted. That is just the type of doctor that I need since I'm sure later in the pregnancy I'll have many concerns!!

Paul bought me a week-by-week pregnancy book and a pregnancy journal. He spent alot of time reading the info in both. I was very impressed. He is so interested in what is going on now and what is to come in the weeks ahead. I think that he will be very attentive as I progress in the pregnancy. I couldn't have a better husband!! I love him so much!!


We're Pregnant