Jan 22, 2008

Success at 12dpo!

The Barren Bride is barren no more!! Today, at 12 dpo, success! I had a hint of a line on a dollar store test so I had to get a name brand test to confirm/deny with. So, I got a 2 pack of Answer tests and the line started coming up within 1 minute. We are so happy, but still in a bit of disbelief. After the last 3 years of struggling to get past infertility to now being pregnant is a strange feeling indeed. I don't fit in with my infertile friends and I don't fit in with my fertile friends either. I'm a pregnant infertile--how the hell did that happen? I'm actually finding it hard to even admit that I am pregnant....I do very much believe the stick and I am confident that it will be a successful pregnancy, but to actually say it, type it, or allow myself to be happy about it is another thing completely. I'm hoping that I can warm up to it in a few days--maybe once I'm actually late for my period or when the first assault known as morning sickness hits. I think I'll allow myself to believe it then. For anyone who may come across this blog who has had a child after infertility....where do you fit and how did you come to accept your pregnancy as being real?


We're Pregnant