Jan 29, 2008

Dumbass Doctors And One Maybe Good One

Well, as I may or may not have mentioned before, I have already set up my first prenatal visit with a doctor's office. We thought about it over the weekend. We decided that we'd like to have the baby at the hospital in Michigan City instead of the hospital here. So, I called the hospital and got the names of some of the best doctors. I, then, tried to call all three of these doctors (during normal business hours even!), and got NO ANSWER at any of the offices. I was shocked. How can three different doctors all take the same day off or whatever was going on. They had answering machines, sure, but where the hell is a bitchy receptionist when you need one? Come on doc's! Get your shit together.

So, after all the hullaballoo that ensued afterwards and my panic attack. I decided that I'll stay with the same doctor that I called in the first place. Afterall, I was genuainely impressed when I called that a doctor answered my questions and the receptionist called me back very quickly with the answer! The doctor even said that I could come in early if I wanted to and, in my book, that a huge plus! Most doctors are such assholes anymore. It's increasingly hard to find a doctor who truly cares about their patients these days. So, I am hoping that this doctor is the right one for me, for our baby, and as far as it all goes--she's going to have to be right for Paul too because we all know how he hates having a weirdo look at his vagina!


We're Pregnant