Jan 2, 2008

Mission Day 2: Operation Clomid

Yesterday, I ran frollicking through fields with blue birds singing on my shoulder because I didn't get a clomid migraine. Ha. Ha. Ha. I was just fine during the day. No problems at all. Then, along came last night and the monster that lives under my bed must have been having a bonfire because I was roasting! Trying like a mad woman to stretch my legs up the wall to find the coolest spot. It would have been marvelously funny to see someone else performing this charade, and I would have had a good laugh at their hot flashed ass expense. However, it wasn't someone else. It was me. I swore that I had been thrown to hell to battle my way out. Comical thinking back on it now, nonetheless. I have enough humor to laugh at my own stupidity.

So, here we find outselves thrust into day 2 of the evil clomid pills. Tonight, I'm betting that monster under the bed is going to install a sauna, have a bigger bonfire, and probably invite some flaming monster friend to join in the fun...

We're Pregnant